Spontaneous restoration of disseminated cerebrospinal meningitis, intractable disease.

Spontaneous restoration pictures presented by posture photographs and by MRI and X-ray photographs. This is Hisato. Nishio before treatment.(aged 8)
He was diagnosed for disseminated cerebrospinal meningitis at the pediatrics department of M citizen hospital in Osaka in March, 1998. He visited my clinic on July 25 because although he had steroid hormone therapy he was not cured.
State of his pretreated red corpuscles.
It was observed by checking the movement of the blood by the LBE system, which checks the living blood through a monitor, that there were many degenerated red corpuscles and ghost cells because the intracellular fluid had decreased. Frequent appearance of ghost cells decreases the power of spontaneous cure rapidly so that the body constitution becomes bad.
State of his pretreated white corpuscles.
The white corpuscles could not phagocytize in the blood because it had been completely inactivated. So I suggested that he reduce the amount of the steroid hormone intake and to receive dietetic therapy to prevent the body fluid from acidifying.

H. Nishio(aged 9) in the middle of his treatment.
He visited my clinic at a pace of once a week from Osaka. He made progress steadily. However for some reason, may be his carelessness or playing too much, he lost his right eyesight, had a headache, felt queasy and had a slight fever on October, 23, the day he was supposed to stop taking the steroid hormone completely. Because of these symptoms, they told him that he was experiencing a recurrence of the disseminated meningitis.
MRI during his treatment.
He was told that he had only one month to live if he did not suppress the inflammation by taking steroid hormone because his right cerebral hemisphere was inflamed.

H. Nishio(aged 9) after his treatment.
Since he realized the side effects of the steroid, he decided to stay at my clinic. His treatment began at a pace of three times in a day. His condition was ameliorated day by day and his eyesight recovered at a rate of 0,2 points in 10 days.

DATE VISUAL ACUITY Critical Flicker Fusion(CFF)
Nov, 5 1998 kPDQ
qNot measured
Dec, 10 1998 kPDQ
Feb, 13 1999 kPDQ

He was told by the ophthalmologist that he had no problem in his critical flicker fusion.
Red corpuscles after the treatments
The red corpuscles became normal because the degenerated corpuscles and the ghost cells had disappeared.
White corpuscles after the treatments
It was confirmed that the power of the spontaneous cure had increased, for the white corpuscles had been activated, too. The fact that the function of the white corpuscles affects the making of new blood vessels or renewing them has been revealed by resent studies, besides phagocytosis which is known generally. By activating the white corpuscles, the vascular endothelial cells become healthy, normalizing the permeation percentage. Consequently, the gene will be restored spontaneously because the cells are activated and the synthetic enzymes of DNA are secreted.
MRI taken after the treatments
The day for him to be cured completely is very near because the inflamed right cerebral hemisphere has almost been restored.

Generally, cerebrospinal meningitis has been defined as a disease which causes inflammation in the brain only. A lot of inflammation that has no origin is occurring. But that can be explained by considering it on the basis of SST chiropractic theory but it has been a completely blind spot in modern medicine that a blockage in the blood stream of the subclavian arteries and veins caused by an impediment of the sternoclavicular joints makes the inflammation. Thus, it was proved by MRI follow-up survey that the disseminated meningitis, intractable disease, was also cured by the method of NRT .

NRT stands for NATURAL RECOVERY THERAPY. It is a remedy for overcoming disease by first checking the living blood visually through a monitor and then regulating the conditions of the blood by observing its quality, shape and function, which can not be observed by conventional blood tests, and giving a necessary prescription in accord with the results. By doing so, the immune system will be strengthened, and all the body cells will be further activated by correcting the whole body frame. Therefore, this method can be counted on as a radical remedy for not only lumbar pains but also for many kinds of disease.

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