Spontaneous restoration of epilepsy, intractable disease.

His first experience of convulsion was 6 months after his birth, and he was hospitalized in K citizen hospital. There, he was diagnosed for congenital epilepsy, so that he was given an antiepileptic drug. The doctor in charge told his parents that he would be in need of the medicine all his life. Taking care of his unsatisfactory progress was beyond the ability of the K citizen hospital so they transferred him to N university hospital. Though he visited that hospital for three and a half years, he still had a convulsion every second day. Since his parents realized a strong side effect influence of the antiepilepic drug, they started to seek a remedy in various folk remedies in order to avoid soaking him with the medicines. But they could not find any satisfaction in them.

On September 18, 1997, his mother brought him to my clinic for his first examination. This was the time that the mother's desire was fulfilled. He had very excessive movements, having a slight breath and a dried skin, so that the dermal respiration was not operating either. He seemed a specially fair boy, having a bad complexion and anemia, and he seemed to be suffering from insomnia. His blood vessels in both legs were underdeveloped, so that his body was cold and stiff.

It was observed in his red corpuscles that many were degenerated more or less by stresses, and the active oxygen was damaged, and bacteria had generated, too. The content of the hemoglobin in the blood was low so the red corpuscles were weak. Naturally he had a weak strength, and the power of gas exchange and of the restoration would decline as well.

The movement of the white corpuscles had been stopped because he was taking the antiepilepic drug. The unmoving state of the white corpuscles is called an inactive type and indicates that the immune power is declining. The white corpuscles act not only as phagocyte in the blood but also join in making new blood vessels and renewing. Therefore such inactive types cause an abnormality in the blood vessels, causing a circulation impediment.

The difference between the right and left heels and that of the sciatica became small, and the distortion of the skeleton has gone. So he does not tip over anymore.

The number of the degenerated red corpuscles decreased, and the content of the intracellular fluid increased so he began gaining strength.

The white corpuscles were still weak but began to get active. If they become active completely, however, it will prompt sanitization of the blood, and prompt his gene-information to act accurately along with the work of metabolism. Hence, his constitution will improve.

  Generally, epilepsy has been considered to be an incurable disease, because it is a congenital disease of unknown origin. So there is only one way to deal with it that is to control spasms by the antiepileptic drug. But disease always has an origin not only epilepsy but other diseases such as asthma and heart attack. The origin can be found in the deformations of the skeleton structure caused by stress. Especially the disturbance of the sternoclavicular joints that is deeply related to spasms among them, because the disturbance of the sternoclavicular joints oppresses the vagus nerves that run down the back of the clavicles, controlling all the internal organs. So it can be the cause of any spasm such as otitis media, nasal allergy, bronchitis, asthma, arrhythmia and epilepsy, etc, according to the oppressed spots.
  On the other hand, the lactic acid induced by hyperkinesia acidifies the body fluid and causes a lactic acidemia. That makes the white corpuscles inactive, so that it affects the phagocytosis in the blood. Not only that, it also causes a disturbance in the manufacture of new blood vessels or in renewing them. Because of these facts, the blood vessels are underdeveloped, hard and narrow, so the patient who is under such conditions has difficulty sweating. They are characteristic of this disease.
  Congenital disease is a state of the appearance of a functional disturbance caused by underdeveloped blood vessels and tissues which were induced by the white corpuscles that have been made inactive in the fetus during the growing period. That is not a mutation but inevitable deformation which involves the inactivation of the white corpuscles by the acidified body fluid.
  This point has been a blind spot in Modern medical science completely. But it was proved in that the epilepsy, intractable disease, was also cured by the method of NRT .

  NRT stands for NATURAL RECOVERY THERAPY. It is a remedy for overcoming disease by first checking the living blood visually through a monitor and then regulating the conditions of the blood by observing its quality, shape and function, which can not be observed by conventional blood tests, and giving a necessary prescription in accord with the results. By doing so, the immune system will be strengthened, and all the body cells will be further activated by correcting the whole body frame. Therefore, this method can be counted on as a radical remedy for not only lumbar pains but also for many kinds of disease.

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