Spontaneous restoration of infantile atopic dermatitis.

  Takumi was born by cesarean on January 18, 1999. It was two weeks earlier than his mother expected. He had an atopic dermatitis mainly on his face 20 days after his birth. It got worse from about the 70th day, and his whole body was affected by the 90th day. When he had his first examination, he had been crying whole night due to itching. His mother breast fed him every time he cried. But his digestion ability was so poor that the milk was abnormally fermented in the bowels, and his belly was swollen like a balloon. He had bad bowel movements and abnormal pressure pain in the gallbladder region as well as adhesion at his left sternoclavicular joint. Under such conditions the vagus nerves which run under the clavicles are oppressed, causing a conduction disorder. Consequently all the blood vessels, digestive organs and internal organs will atrophy, and all those functions will decline. It will cause dyspepsia, constipation, sleeplessness. It was observed that the gallbladder was remarkably atrophied and swollen, and the secretion of lipase -lipolytic enzyme was abnormal. Undigested lipide combined with active oxygen to form peroxide lipid which destroys the endothelium. This state made it difficult to cure Takumi's scratching marks.


It was observed from the picture taken on April 17 that there were many poikilocytes among the red corpuscles with the possibility of having a disorder of the hematopoietic organs. Other red corpuscles were damaged by the active oxygen, and soiled plasmas was outstanding.

It was discovered from the picture taken on April 17 that some of the white corpuscles were inactive and absolutely immobile, and others were half-inactive, moving a little. Such a condition with two types, is the so-called abnormal allergic constitution. If the movement of the white corpuscles becomes weak, the physiological active factor(cytokine) produced by the white corpuscles can not be made so that the immune response reaction will not act. It causes a disorder in the nerve systems as well as in the biodefense systems such as the multiplication and differentiation of immune cells, movement control, inflammation reaction and hematopoietic reaction.

  His mother, Mari Kojima(aged 40), had not been well since she was pregnant. From September 1998, she couldn't stop coughing, and having a spasm in the night that prevented her from sleeping. In October, she was hospitalized for 10 days because she was diagnosed as having asthma at the National Nagoya hospital. She was in the hospital for an additional period, December 17 to January 31. While in the hospital for two weeks, she was required to have absolute rest, taking Neophyllin, a drug for asthma, and Utemerine, a 24 hour dripping injection, to prevent her from experiencing threatened premature delivery which might be caused by the cough.

The characteristic of the infantile eczema and infantile atopic dermatitis is not only the constitution of the infant but largely involves that of the mother as well as body fluid and the mother's milk. I observed the picture of her blood to check her body constitution at the same time of Takumi's first examination on April 17. The results showed the plasma to be so soiled that I couldn't see the condition of the blood cells. But I learned from this picture that her condition was extraordinarily bad. You can see how much her blood was soiled.


To detoxify the plasma, I performed light treatment and an SST(super soft therapy) pelvic physical adjustment after she had taken an enriched food which strengthens the immune system and an extract which strengthens absorption as well as a herbal extract which induces secretion of digestive enzymes. As a result, 50% of the impurities in the plasma were removed. Although her red corpuscles were still in a form of rouleaux and her white corpuscles were inactive, she breast fed him right after she had the treatment. Then amazingly he was enjoying sucking his mother's milk. Mari said that it was her first time to see Takumi's happy face when he sucked. I suggested that she keep taking the treatments. She, however, became ill so she couldn't come for a month. She came five times after her recovery but she didn't continue.

She had mastitis through overwork by May 12.
On June 7, her condition changed for worse again, blisters were diffused on her whole body like a pemphigus, so her body was covered with pus, blood and dandruff. She was in a miserable condition. When her patience, bearing such conditions, reached its limit, she went to the nearest pediatrics clinic to see a doctor. The doctor diagnosed her as having an infectious disease so he gave her antibiotics to take and antibiotic ointment to apply to the whole body. However this treatment made her experience a recurrence and high fever of thirty-nine degrees repeatedly after the antibiotics had lost their effect.
She was diagnosed on June 29 as having an infectious disease again, it was the third time. The doctor said that she needed to be hospitalized and receive stronger antibiotics. However noticing the limit of the chemotherapy effect she decided to receive naturopathy at my clinic again. I guided her on how to lower the fever after giving a careful explanation about the cause of the infectious disease and that of the high fever.
On July 2, her high fever had abated so that the pus dried up and the inflammation started to disappear. When she kept to my treatment for another two weeks, she was able to sleep well and her skin began to get smooth. These facts made her feeling good.

I noticed that his white corpuscles had become active. If the white corpuscles are activated as in his case, cytokine will be produced so that the multiplication, differentiation and movement of the immune cells will be controlled properly. Thus the hematopoietic reaction and inflammation reaction also become normal. It means that when the movement of the white corpuscles becomes normal, the white corpuscles can read the thickness and balance of the steroid hormones in the blood so that it physiologically operates the pituitary gland and the adrenal gland to suppress inflammation. But this point has been a blind spot in medicine so that the doctors have to rely on the antibiotic drugs to cure this kind of disease.

This photograph taken on August 17 shows that even a repeatable infectious disease like infantile atopic dermatitis and a high fever of thirty-nine degrees can be overcome within a short period of time without taking any medicine. Since they sleep well, they are on the mend. Actually, they have recovered almost completely. Brightened up with good health, Mr. and Mrs. Kojima told me their plan to have another baby, their third child.

  Therefore, it was proved that infantile atopic dermatitis can be restored by the method of NRT cytoactivation based on the blood movement theory.

  NRT cytoactivation stands for NATURAL RECOVERY THERAPY. It is a remedy for overcoming diseases by first checking the living blood visually through a monitor and then regulating the condition of the blood by observing its quality, shape and function, which can not be observed by conventional blood tests, and giving a necessary prescription in accord with the results. By doing so, the immune system will be strengthened, and all the body cells will be further activated by correcting the whole body frame. Therefore, this method can be counted on as a radical therapy for not only low back pain but for all the diseases.

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